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Looking for a Bargain? Midlands Garage for Sale!


A garage for sale was recently listed in the Midlands at a very attractive price. The property is suitable for anyone who needs storage space or a workshop, and it presents an excellent opportunity to start your own business or expand an existing one. It’s also a great investment opportunity for those who are looking to own a piece of real estate in the area.

The garage is situated in a prime location, with good access to main roads and highways. It boasts ample space, measuring approximately 25 by 30 feet, and it comes with a concrete floor and a high ceiling. The garage has a metal up-and-over door that allows for easy access and increased security.

The property is in good condition overall, with only minor repairs and maintenance needed. It is suitable for a wide range of uses, from car storage and repair to woodworking and metalworking. It’s also well-suited for anyone looking for space to store their personal belongings.

Garage for sale Midlands. Big, high ceiling, metal door, good location. Get it now! Contact the agent today!

If you’re interested in this garage for sale in the Midlands, don’t wait too long. It’s an excellent opportunity that won’t last forever. Contact the real estate agent today to arrange a viewing and take the first step towards acquiring this valuable property.