Linguist Validation Translation: Translating Language To Simplify


Linguist Validation Translation is a process that helps simplify language to make it easier for people from different cultures to understand. This Translation can be seen as a form of Translation, but with an added step. Linguists will go through the text and create English-language equivalents for the specific words used in the source language. The goal is to ensure that Translation does not harm or distort cultural meaning or nuance by rendering it into another culture’s native tongue.

Why is this important?

This Translation helps ensure that the words used in Linguists do not distort or change meaning when translated to another language. This is important for all texts, but especially so with diverse populations who may have different idioms and definitions behind some of their colloquialisms
It can help people convey their message more accurately than Linguistic Translations would allow. It also makes sure Linguistics does not put any harmful connotations into text by accident.
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