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Legal Scanning: What You Need To Know Now


Legal scanning is a process that takes place when an e-document, such as a PDF or Word file, is scanned for legal information. Legal scanners are trained to scan documents in order to extract text from images and convert it into searchable text. It can help reduce the time needed to prepare documents for review by attorneys

There are three main benefits of Legal Scanning:
1) It reduces the time needed to review documents before they’re submitted in court
2) It increases efficiency, allowing more cases to be processed daily
3) It saves money because you don’t have to pay paralegals or employees to do the same work Legal scanners do.

Legal scanners come in two forms:

1-Legal document readers, which read documents and extract information from them to create electronic files that can be easily accessed by attorneys.
2-Legal eDiscovery services, such as iScansoft’s docScanrâ„¢ service, who take your paper/hard-copy documents and digitize them, extracting metadata including:
These services can be used together to reduce the time it takes for attorneys to review court documents using Legal Scanning software.