Learn About Zoho People And Keypay


Zoho People and keypay is a powerful combination that has allowed ZOHO to expand around the world. Zoho People, Zoho’s enterprise human resource management software, has been used by more than 3500 companies in over 100 countries and territories. Keypay is ZOHO’s online payment solution that allows employees of any size company to quickly pay invoices or make payments on the go using their mobile phones.

What should I know about this?

Zoho People and Zoho keypay are both products of ZOHO Corporation. ZohoPeople is ZOHO’s award-winning enterprise human resource management software that allows companies to manage their employee’s data easily, automate payrolls, get real-time insights into performance reviews, create policies for document workflows, etc. These features allow HR Departments in organizations worldwide to access all employee information anywhere on any device at any given time with just a click of the mouse or finger tap on mobile devices. Keypay helps businesses pay vendors quickly and securely online using credit cards or bank accounts via different payment modes like manual entry by entering details manually and Autopay linking invoices/quotes to be paid automatically once due dates are met.
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