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Keeping Hands Healthy: Tips for Gymnasts


Gymnast hand care is essential for athletes who rely on their hands to execute different routines. Hands are subjected to immense pressure, and over time can be damaged if not taken care of properly. Here are some practical tips for gymnasts to keep their hands in top shape:

1. Use gymnastics grips or tape to avoid blisters and calluses.

2. Apply moisturizer to keep hands soft and hydrated.

3. Rest your hands regularly to prevent soreness and fatigue.

4. Keep nails trimmed and filed to prevent scratches or snags.

5. Avoid using chalk excessively, as it can dry out your skin and cause cracking.

6. Use an antiseptic spray to prevent infections from open wounds.

7. Don’t push through the pain if your hands are hurting. Take a break and seek medical attention if necessary.

8. Invest in a hand grip strengthener to prevent hand weakness and maintain hand health.

Implementing these strategies can help gymnasts be more proactive in protecting their hands while engaging in high-intensity training and competitions. While it may seem like a small concern, taking care of your hands can help improve performance, reduce injuries, and lead to overall success in gymnastics.