Job Counter Offer Letter: 3 Tips To Get An Accept


A job counter offer letter can be a tricky thing to write. It’s important that you include the right things in your job counter offer letter, or it could lead to an unsatisfied job seeker and, even worse, no job at all! In this article, we’ll discuss 3 tips to get an acceptance from a job seeker.

-The first tip is to provide more information about the position than what’s already on their website. You should also reference something they mentioned when they applied for the job, so they know you actually read their application and remember them.

– Secondly, show how much you care about them by telling them why they’re such a great fit for the company and why you want them on your team, even if it means paying more or offering more hours.

– Lastly, if you can negotiate with them, so they stay put for at least 90 days, that would be even better!

So these are our top three job counter offer letter tips to get an acceptance from a job seeker!