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How To Write A Graduation Card: 3 Simple Tips For Success


Graduation season is in full swing, and grads are getting ready to start their new lives. Whether you’re the grad or a friend of the grad, we’ve got some simple tips for writing a graduation card that will bring joy to your grad’s day!

1) Make it personal: Add a photo of yourself, share what you’re most excited about for this next chapter of life, or mention an inside joke from grad school.
2) Include something tangible: Sending money as a gift is always a great idea because grads can use it on anything they want – food, clothes, gas money, etc. Or, if you don’t have any cash on hand, send them one of our beautiful custom grad cards or a gift card to their favorite store.
3) Include your contact information: grads might be moving to a new area, so they’ll need more of an address than just “your parents’ house”.

Graduations cards are a great idea for anyone that’s celebrating their graduation with you. To get a cool card, check your local craft store or online.