How To Receive PCB Assembly Quote Correctly?


You can easily receive PCB assembly quote online. Visit the PCB manufacturer’s website and submit the required details including the PCB design file. You are requested to submit all files in one ZIP file. You will receive a no obligation quote within 24 hours. You have to submit PCB design, pick and place, and bill of materials files. The PCB design file should include all Gerbers. Data about solder paste layers, silkscreen layers and copper layers is the minimum information required by the PCB assembling company.

With the pick and place file, the data should have information about component location, reference designators and rotations. The BOM file should be in Excel or CVS format so it can be read by the machine automatically. This file should include part description, quantity of a part, vendor specific part number, reference designator, type (through hole, BGA, fine-pitch, SMT, etc.), and package description (0805, SOIC, QFN32, etc.). Always review your order information carefully before submitting it to receive the quote correctly.