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How To Hire Wedding Singer Norfolk


A wedding singer Norfolk brings a lot to the table for your big day. Hiring a wedding singer is not something you should do in haste, but it sure is something you don’t want to take too lightly. Don’t let the idea of hiring a wedding singer Norfolk freak you out but just be smart about it.

When hiring a wedding singer, check for a few key things.

The first thing you should do is ask them to sing a snippet. This will give you a chance to hear their voice and check for poor singing skills, read the crowd and of course not be embarrassed by them! The rule here is — if it sounds bad — trust your gut — drop them — no matter how good-looking they are!

Secondly, ask yourself what type of wedding singer Norfolk you want? Are you going with a classical quartet or a solo lounge singer? If you want a big band sound, then make sure the lineup includes at least five members, as some have been known to stretch this number to seven musicians during weddings!