How To Choose A Feedback Tracker?


If you’re looking for a feedback management system, there are many options available. Here are a few to consider: Savio, Usersnap, Trackur, and Yext. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. We recommend using feedback trackers that support offline mode. You can customize alerts, as well, to receive notifications about new entries. You can even create custom filters that match specific criteria, such as content, time of response, or reward given.


Savio is a feature request tracker that allows teams to collect user feedback and prioritize it according to customer needs. It integrates with many different tools, including Slack, Intercom, Help Scout, Zapier, and Google Docs, allowing teams to enter feedback and vote on feature requests in one place. The feedback tracking system ties customer feedback to metrics such as MRR and plans to help companies make better
feature decisions.

Savio can be integrated with many different tools, including Zendesk and HubSpot, which means that you can easily track customer feedback. It also connects with popular collaboration tools like Slack and Intercom to automatically add new customers to your feedback tracking system. And it does all of this automatically, which means no more manual work. Besides keeping track of customer feedback, Savio also helps you make product decisions based on their feedback, ensuring that you build only the features your customers want today.


If you’re thinking about using a feedback tracker, you’ll be happy to learn that there are a few different types available. Usersnap allows you to prioritize your feedback, as well as upvote tickets for internal approval or external approval. This can be done by sending a public feedback link to your team or customers and then allowing them to log in through email.
You can even choose which types of feedback to collect, allowing you to route the feedback by bucket or by the team. The feedback widget on


Yext is a powerful feedback tracker that lets you monitor customer reviews from hundreds of websites. It lets you analyze the reach and engagement of your listings and demographics. It also lets you set up customized responses and add positive reviews to your website. Yext allows you to track up to five local competitors. Despite its many advantages, Yext is not a suitable solution for all business types. This review tool is best for businesses that have a large number of reviews or businesses that want to know what their customers are saying about them.