How A Honda Turbo Kit Can Increase Your Car’s Power By Up To 40 Horsepower


Adding a turbo kit to your Honda Civic can increase your car’s power and torque. But it requires some expertise. Edelbrock has a number of turbo kits that are simple to install and provide great results. These kits also solve the common problem of the MAP sensor not working. Before the introduction of this sensor, drivers were forced to bleed off the boost using one-way check valves.

A Honda turbo kit can increase your car’s power by up to 40 horsepower! Although you may be tempted to do it yourself, a turbo kit can be a complicated task, especially if you aren’t accustomed to working on engines. Besides improving your car’s performance, a turbo kit can also reduce your insurance rates.

These turbo kits come with high-quality components, which include piping. The piping is made of aluminum and features a shiny black powder coat finish. It connects to the turbo, intercooler, and throttle body. The piping is reinforced with thick four-ply silicone couplers.