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Hiring an intimacy counseling near me


It’s no secret that many couples struggle with intimacy issues. In fact, it’s estimated that about one in three couples deal with some sort of sexual problem. If you’re struggling with intimacy in your relationship, you’re not alone. And there’s no shame in seeking help. There are a number of different ways to address intimacy issues, but one option is to seek out an intimacy counselor. Here are six things to keep in mind if you’re considering hiring an intimacy counselor.

You’ll need to be open and honest. If you’re going to work with an intimacy counselor, you’ll need to be open and honest about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This can be difficult, but it’s essential for the counseling to be effective. 

It’s important to find a counselor you trust. It’s important that you find a counselor you feel comfortable with and trust. This will make it easier to open up and be honest about your intimacy issues. 3. You may need to see the counselor more than once.