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Help! Is Wedding Catering Too Expensive?


You are wedding planning, and you have decided that wedding catering is the way to go. You are just about to book your wedding caterer when you realize that the prices seem too high. Is wedding catering really too expensive? Should you find a different option? Let’s take a look at three points of view on this issue to get an idea of whether or not wedding catering prices should bother us.

1) Yes, wedding catering prices are high – Wedding caterers charge higher rates because they know people want their services for their weddings. The price reflects what they feel like they deserve for providing such an important service; it doesn’t matter if it is more than anyone else charges because there will always be someone willing to pay more.

2) The production cost might not be high, but the final price can look way bigger – The wedding industry is a billion-dollar business, and wedding caterers are just as profitable. If they can get $150 per plate for 100 guests, why not charge more? Their overhead costs may be higher than other providers.

3) wedding catering prices Sydney – Wedding caterers are not afraid to charge what they feel the market will bear. If you don’t want to pay $100 per plate, someone else will be happy to do so, and wedding caterers know this very well.

There might be other options; for example, if you are going with a small and private wedding, you can hire a personal chef or get in contact with a restaurant or hotel with food and beverage services.