Harry Potter Costumes For Kids – Ideas And Inspiration


Looking for a great costume idea for your child this Halloween? Why not consider dressing them up as a character from the Harry Potter series? There are many different characters to choose from. With a bit of imagination, you can create a truly unique look. This article will provide inspiration and tips for creating a Harry Potter costume kids.

There are many options if you want to go for an individual character look. For example, your child could dress up as Harry Potter in his Hogwarts uniform. This includes a white shirt, black robes with a Gryffindor crest, and the iconic round glasses and lightning-shaped scar to complete the look. If your child prefers a more girly look, they could dress up as Hermione Granger in her school attire — a dark green robe with an emblem on the chest and an undershirt with a white collar.

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