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Handrails For Stairs: The Ultimate Guide


Stairs are a necessary part of any home, but without handrails can be dangerous. This article is an introduction to stair handrails Wollongong and provides three reasons why you should install stair rails for stairs in your own home.

1) Handrails provide safety when walking up or down the stairs- especially if someone has recently fallen or has medical conditions that make it difficult to walk long distances.
2) Stair rails help prevent accidents by providing stability on slippery surfaces like wet floors, ice, and snow.
3) Installing railings around stairs prevents children from falling off or into them while playing with friends at home or climbing on furniture nearby.”

Safety should be a primary concern when designing your stairs. The design can have an impact on how safe it is as well as its aesthetic appeal. When staircases are designed with safety in mind, they tend to be safer and look better.