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Guide to Artistic Picture Frames


Are oil paintings better when shaded or exposed? Is acrylic better than glass for picture coverings? Which matting color should I use for my frames? These are some of the common concerns shared among homeowners world over. However, today we tackle a few basics about artistic picture frames.

Before ordering a frame, understand what you want to frame. Does it have a special meaning? Where will it hang? Does the frame have to be permanent? If what you are framing is something trivial then a standard size frame will do. Otherwise, order custom frames if the piece you are framing is of a non-standard size.

Describe what you want to frame in the order. Frames for art prints, wrapped canvas, diamond paintings, or 3D collectibles may not necessarily be the same. Artistic frames come in a variety of materials, including solid wood, fiberboard, or finger-jointed poplar. Get all the attributes right before ordering.