Get Ready for Power with the S400 SXE Turbocharger


The S400 SXE is a powerful turbocharger designed for diesel engines. It offers excellent performance and is an ideal upgrade for truck owners who want to take their machines to the next level.

This turbocharger has a compact design that delivers maximum power, efficiency, and reliability. It features a 75-millimeter turbine wheel and 88-millimeter compressor wheel that produce a whopping 1, 100 horsepower at full tilt. This means that it can deliver the power and performance needed to haul heavy loads with ease and provide excellent acceleration in any condition.

But what really sets the S400 SXE apart from other turbochargers is its durability. It is built to last and can withstand high loads and temperatures. It has an oil-cooled center section that helps regulate and maintain temperature and prevent premature wear and tear.

One of the best parts of the S400 SXE is its flexibility. It can be customized to fit any engine type and can be upgraded with different compressor covers and turbine housings to maximize performance.

In short, the S400 SXE is the turbocharger of choice for truck owners who want to get the most power and performance out of their engines. Its combination of power, performance, and durability makes it the ideal upgrade for heavy-duty rigs that need to haul massive loads and provide exceptional acceleration on the highway.