Get Back In Action: Healing Your Shoulder


Has your shoulder been bothering you lately? It’s time to give it the attention it deserves. Shoulder injuries are painful and limiting, but with the right care and guidance, you can be back in action in no time.

Shoulders are complicated and delicate joints. Shoulder physio is a type of therapy that focuses on alleviating pain and restoring movement in the shoulder. The physiotherapist will first diagnose the problem and then prescribe exercises and stretches that can help you regain mobility. Shoulder physio can be beneficial for a wide range of injuries, from shoulder tendinitis to rotator cuff tears.

The exercises prescribed will aim to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder joint and increase flexibility. These exercises can include pendulum swings, shoulder circles, arm raises and external rotations. The physiotherapist may also use ultrasound and massage to promote blood flow and healing.

It’s important to stick to your prescribed plan. Recovery can take time, but with patience and effort, progress will be made. Remember to take care of your shoulder even after recovery to avoid future injuries.

Don’t let your shoulder pain stop you from doing what you love. Seek the help of a professional and get back in action with shoulder physio.