George Friedman: The Life And Times Of A Political Outsider


George Friedman is one of the most influential political thinkers in America today. He has been a vocal critic of both the Bush and Obama administrations, and his predictions of global politics have been highly sought after by major news outlets. His ability to predict events before they happen has made him one of the most prominent political outsiders in the country.

What should I know about this?

George Friedman was born and raised in New York City. As a young man, he attended Yale University, where he earned both his Bachelors’s and Masters’s degrees. Throughout his academic career, he was drawn to international relations and politics, topics that would eventually shape his professional life. When he graduated from Yale, George decided to pursue a Ph.D. at Columbia University, emphasizing global politics and history.

After graduating from Columbia, George began working as a lecturer on Middle Eastern history and politics at several European universities. He relished this role as an educator, but his true passion lay in writing about current events rather than teaching about them. Ultimately, George decided to focus his career on writing and research, leaving academia behind to pursue other opportunities.

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