Fun Things To Do In Birmingham.


Fun things to do Birmingham: Birmingham is a great place to visit with tons of fun things to do. The city has an energy that will make anyone want to come back for more. Here are three things you can do in Birmingham:

1) Visit the McWane Science Center- this hands-on science museum features over 100 exhibits and attractions that cover everything from fossils, rocketry, and robotics;
2) Go the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame- it’s free and all about sports like football, baseball, basketball, golf;
3) Spend time exploring the Civil Rights District- started as what became known as “Bombingham” because of

Ku Klux Klan bombings during the civil rights movement, which led to the movement. This is now a fun place with great restaurants and lots of history.
There are many fun things to do in Birmingham for people who would like to try something new or share fun experiences with friends and family.