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Framing Supplies Ireland: The Ultimate Guide


Framing Supplies Ireland is one of the leading suppliers of framing supplies in Ireland. It, also known as Frameshop, was established in January 1996 and has been a trusted name for customers ever since. Frameshop offers a wide variety of framing supplies, including frames, mats, and glass for all your art needs at competitive prices. This blog post will give you three reasons why Frameshop is your go-to framer in Ireland:

1) It is based out of Dublin, meaning they are centrally located to provide service nationwide
2) It offers free shipping on orders over €50
3) Frameshop’s highly trained staff can help you with any questions you might have about framing or art

Framing Supplies Ireland is an Irish company that specializes in providing art framing supplies to businesses and schools. It provides services for all types of projects, whether it be a small job or a large one. It has many different products available on its website, including frames, mats, glass, acrylics, as well as many other products relevant to the business, such as projectors and printers.