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Flying High: Topographic Surveys With Drones


Topographic surveying, or topo surveying, is the process of gathering topographical information on the ground. It is typically accomplished by measuring distances and angles between fixed terrestrial points. More recently, topography has been mapped from aerial photographs taken at a sufficient height to include features on the ground that are not visible from an airplane window. However, there are limitations to what can be seen in even these images, so topographic surveyors have turned to drones for detailed topography mapping.

This article will cover three main points:

Why would you want a drone-based topogram made?

Civil engineers, architects, or land developers can use a topographic survey to get the most accurate topographical data on a given location.

How do you use one?

A topographic surveyor will work with a team to map out the topography of an area using highly sophisticated topogram software. The data is then used as a base for building, infrastructure, and civil engineering projects.

What are some of their benefits over traditional methods?

Drones are proving to be a top-quality alternative to traditional topographic surveys. They provide accurate measurements, fly in low visibility conditions, and don’t require extensive training for their operators.

A topographic survey using drones is top-notch and provides accurate measurements. It can fly in low visibility conditions and doesn’t require extensive training for its operators.