Everything You Need To Know About Ice-O-Matic


If you are in the market for an industrial-grade ice machine, you should consider Ice-O-Matic. They are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial ice machines.

What should I know about this?

They offer a range of ice machines to meet the needs of any business — from restaurants, bars, and hotels to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and more.

Ice-O-Matic ice machines are designed with two factors: reliability and convenience. Their ice makers are built using durable components to keep them running efficiently for years. Plus, thanks to their intuitive controls, Ice-O-Matic ice makers can be operated easily by anyone on your staff.

The type of ice machine you need depends on the size of your establishment and how much ice you require each day. Ice-O-Matic offers a variety of modular ice makers that produce anywhere from 500 lbs up to 3000 lbs per day. They also have self-contained ice makers ranging from 200 to 1000 lbs daily.

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