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Drug Testing In Brisbane: What You Should Know


Random drug testing Brisbane

In Brisbane, it is common for employers to test the urine of employees who have been randomly selected. This process can be done at random times and in unexpected places. It can also happen without warning or prior notice. In those situations, people might wonder what they are going to do next, but there are a few things that you should know before taking any action:

What Happens If I Refuse?

If an employee refuses to take a random drug test, they could face punishment. Punishments can range from being fired or suspended without pay up to termination of the contract.

How Long Does It Take For Drugs To Show Up On A Test?

Random drug testing can take between one and four hours for drugs to show up on a urine test. The time will depend on the type of substance taken and how much was consumed. Using more than one kind of substance at once or in large quantities could also change the timeline.

How Often Will I Be Tested?

If random drug testing is implemented, you will be tested from time to time with no notice.

In Brisbane, If you are part of an organization with a random drug testing policy, you may be subject to unannounced drug tests.