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Dive Mask Strap Cover: 3 Simple Tips To Protect Your Eyes


Dive Mask Strap Covers are a simple way to protect your eyes while diving. Dive Mask Straps can cause the strap of the Dive Mask to rub against your eye and scratch it, which is why Dive Mask Straps need protection from Dive Masks.

Here are three tips for protecting your eyes while wearing Dive Masks:

1) Use a Dive Mask Strap Cover when you put on or take off your Dive Mask. This will help keep any debris away from rubbing against the strap and scratching an eye.

2) Take care not to get water into one of your eyes while wearing a Dive Mask with a large skirt that goes over both ears (this is called “mask fit”). If you can’t see clearly, you could scrape your Dive Mask against the Dive Masks.

3) If your Dive Mask doesn’t have a skirted design, then use an earplug under the Dive Masks to protect one of your eyes.

Do you have any other Dive Mask safety tips? Please share in the comments.