Distance Frisbee – The Ultimate Distance Thrower


Distance Frisbee is the ultimate distance thrower. These Frisbees are designed to be thrown longer distances than traditional frisbees. They have a more aerodynamic design that provides for a better flight. They are perfect for any competition where you need to get your Frisbee as far away from you as possible! They can be used in one-on-one competitions like “Frisbee golf” or even in group competitions like “ultimate.”

Why is this important?

They are suitable for those who have been playing Frisbee their whole lives, as well as beginners. Distance throwing is perhaps the essential skill of any ultimate player’s game – Frisbees can help you get that extra distance! Frisbees give your throws more lift and speed than regular frisbees do. This allows them to glide farther through the air, making it easier to land a long throw with accuracy every time. Distance golf discs were explicitly designed for people who want to play an exciting new game or two while also building up their arm strength at the same time. They’re perfect sets for kids’ birthday parties since they’ll provide hours of entertainment without getting bored!
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