Custom Lanyards UK: What You Need To Know


Custom lanyards uk: Custom lanyards are a great way to promote your brand while keeping your keys and ID card handy. They’re made from durable, waterproof nylon that is custom printed with your logo or custom design. Lanyards can be worn around the neck or clipped onto other objects such as purses, bags, jackets, and more. This article will give you three important things you need to know before ordering for yourself or your business!

1) The custom printing process ensures high-quality graphics on every single piece
2) Different styles of lanyards include: cloth braided style (cotton), polyester webbing style (nylon), and custom printed badge holder style
3) The custom printed text on the lanyards can also help promote your business and get your name out there!

Lanyards make it easy to identify who belongs where. They allow people to express themselves and show off their personalities while keeping their belongings safe.