Country Thunder: What To Expect


The country thunder festival is a two-day country music festival that takes place in Arizona every year. It’s the one event you don’t want to miss if you love country music, dancing, and camping out under the stars! With great food, live country music all weekend long, and plenty of fun activities for people of all ages, this is an experience you won’t forget. But what can you expect when attending this event? Read on to find out everything about country thunder – from what it entails to how much it costs!

What can you expect when attending this event?

Be prepared for lots of country music and dancing! You’ll also want a comfortable pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty because there will be plenty of mud in certain areas where people have been camping out all weekend long. Bring along your best country outfit, too – this is one festival you won’t want to miss when looking good comes into play!

Don’t expect to get much sleep during the country fest since the main stage has concerts every night until midnight. Another thing you can expect is rain if coming at a time when monsoon storms are prevalent (which usually starts around early July).

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