Skin Care

Cosmetic Acupuncture In Melbourne


Most of us know what acupuncture is, even if we have never tried the ancient Chinese art of inserting tiny needles to boost energy flow. If you like the idea of cosmetic acupuncture Melbourne has several facilities offering this service. But does it really work? Although it sounds unpleasant having dozens of needles inserted into your face, many acupuncture exponents claim that the painless procedure can reduce those unwanted signs of aging. Elastin and collagen are stimulated by the needles, which then help to improve the skin’s firmness, improve overall texture and reduce wrinkles. Those dark circles tend to disappear too, and the effects are typically noticeable after a few months of sessions. Acupuncture has been proven to help with many other conditions and ailments, including inflamed muscles, poor digestion, constipation and allergies so it may be time to give it a try.