Corporate Event Brading Ideas You Need To Know


Branding aims to enhance visibility. Once you’ve undergone the trouble of planning corporate events, you can get the most out of it by customizing the venue to popularize your company. Most people love using promotional gears such as flyers for this, but a little creativity can help make your logo stick into the attendees’ minds. This article explains some branding ideas that you can use to create memorable impressions.

  • Floral Arrangements

Flowers are essential for decorating venues. Most decorators place them in obvious areas such as the entrance and the center of a table. However, there are creative ways you can arrange your flowers to reflect your brand. For example, you can use your company’s colors. That’ll definitely sell your company, even if you don’t place your logo on them. But you also have the option of hanging a card with a logo on the flowers.

You should also think of placing these flowers in areas that aren’t considered normal. That could be in the corner of an elevator or in the reception area where they can act as a makeshift stanchion showing attendees where to form a queue.

  • Virtual Reality

VR is increasingly becoming popular, thanks to the release of gaming consoles. Treating your guests to a virtual tour about your brand can help to spice up a corporate event while marketing your brand at the same time. Most brands like the United Airlines company are using VR to promote their businesses. In these companies’ VR, guests can view a plane’s interior through a virtual tour using controllable 360º cameras.

VR is ideal for showcasing products and allowing guests to view what happens behind the scenes. The VR experience may excite the attendees of a function to the extent that some of them may want you to run their corporate events.

  • Digital Signage

Placing a poster or banner on the wall is cheap, but having digital signage is hi-tec and cooler. That’s because it can enable guests also to view messages and logos. Digital signage can be placed everywhere in the venue, including the dining area, waiting area, and lounge. You can also install some with the company’s message in the elevator.

One thing that you must incorporate on digital signage is your company’s logo. In fact, it should be the default display. After having that, you can also include other information like ads, event announcements, company videos, dates for future events, company-related memes, infographics, and workshop reminders.

  • Customized Gift Book

Though some companies give out promotional knickknacks as gifts to guests as they leave the venue, they’re inexpensive and don’t have a high keepsake value. Instead, consider giving customized and published hardcover books.

These books should contain information about your brand. If the books’ cover contains thank you messages and your company logo, it’ll even create a more memorable experience. The book’s back cover, where the bio or synopsis should appear, can have a paragraph-length message about the company’s social media handles, sponsors, and speakers.

Bottom Line

As industries become more and more competitive, you need to look for more creative ways beyond normal branding. These out-of-the-box strategies can help you to attract guests’ attention and increase your sales.

Ieva Ofer
the authorIeva Ofer