Contact Lenses

Colored Contacts With Astigmatism: Your Eyes Got It From Here!


Astigmatism is a common eye condition that occurs due to the irregular shape of your eye. Colored contacts can cause distortions and glare because they are not designed for your specific vision needs. Read on to learn more about colored contacts with astigmatism and how they affect your eyesight.

In addition, you should also know:

– colored contacts as a good option if you have mild astigmatism or aniseikonia (the inability to see things at the same distance)
– They have been shown in clinical studies to improve visual acuity among those with moderate to high levels of astigmatism
– When it comes to colored contacts for astigmatism and aniseikonia, certain lens types are available and various colors, including brown and green.

You may have been told by your eye doctor that colored contacts are not a good idea due to the risk of infection and other problems. This is a much safer option for changing their eye color without sacrificing vision quality. Colored contact lenses can be used as fashion accessories because they come in different colors and styles to suit anyone’s tastes.