Thursday, September 28, 2023
Health care

Buying self-test kits safely


If you’re buying a Chlamydia self-test kit online, be conscious of the claims, so you’re not misled.

Before using one, ensure sure it’s still sealed, hasn’t been damaged, and isn’t past its expiration date. The accuracy of your Chlamydia self-test is dependent on these preceding factors.

Make sure the instructions are clear and simple to follow. Ensure it carries the CE quality assurance mark as well.

Don’t go ahead with the Chlamydia self-test if the kit is broken or damaged. Instead, get in contact with the online vendor and get a possible replacement.

Note that the Chlamydia test should never replace any advice from a health professional.

The test result could be altered if you’re taking medications. If you adhere to the instructions on the kits, accuracy should be as high as 98%.

Know your status today and live healthily