Balayage On Dark Hair: How To Keep It Fresh


If you want to get balayage done on your dark hair, there are some key factors to consider. It is essential not to make the mistake of thinking balayage will cover up your roots for a long time or that it will be easier than maintaining an ombre. This article discusses 3 steps to help balayage stay fresh and vibrant!

The first step is to keep balayage on dark hair simple. Balayage is a technique that works best with natural highlights, so if your hair does not have any already, it will be challenging to create balayage without using bleaching agents.

The second step is to keep balayage on dark hair frequently. Balayage requires upkeep and should be done every four or five weeks instead of ombre, which only needs touch-ups every six to eight.

The third step is balayage on dark hair preparation. Always make sure your stylist uses a conditioning treatment before starting balayage. This is a great time to add toner, too, as balayage is very high-maintenance and requires frequent color treatments.

Balayage is an excellent option if you want balayage but have no idea where to start or how it will look with your complexion. However, if you are not interested in making it part of your regular routine or do not have the time to come into the salon every few weeks for touch-ups, ombre might be better suited to meet your needs!