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Avoid these 3 Mistakes when Booking an Accommodation for your Bucks Party


If you fail to do your research and decide to pay a fortune for bucks night lodging for you and your friends, you might be biting your fingers sooner than later. You’ll be out of cash before you know it.

1.Never Book Directly

Don’t book a hotel directly—it will not cut it. Instead, book through a bucks party company. It is very cheap if you go that route.

2.Be Specific About your Choices

 Before booking through a Bucks party company, ensure you’re specific about what you want and your budget. If you fail to nail down the detail, you’ll take whatever is tossed in your face. So, you must state your needs in clear terms.

3.Know the Number of People you are Booking for

Everyone handling the booking should know this. If you have heard of last-minute inclusions that changed the booking dynamics, then you want to pay attention to the number of people you’re booking accommodation for. Don’t be cut napping; have a grasp of the people on the list.