About Chef Josh Niland


Chef Josh Niland is an Australian restaurateur who started as a food writer before starting his restaurant. He has since gained recognition by Australia’s top chefs and continues to grow in popularity. Chef Niland’s restaurant, Saint Peter, opened in Paddington last year to widespread critical acclaim.

His restaurant has received high praise from Paul McCarten, Graham Perrett, and Richard Goyder. Chef Niland has also written several cookbooks on various dishes, which are available on his website. While the restaurant remains relatively small compared to some of the others on Sydney’s West End, it does have a reputation for being a high-quality establishment. He has won several awards, including the prestigious Sydney Harbour Bridge award and one of the country’s best restaurants. The restaurant is also known for its regular late-night open hours, which allow customers to sample a wide range of dishes from the kitchen and drink their fill at the bar.