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A Perfect D/S Relationship with Headgear and Puppy Tail  


Get these accessories today and make puppy play more enjoyable than ever before—no one wants a dull moment when demonstrating what their pup can do. Get the perfect accessories for your human pup to make them proud.

When you find a combination that takes your pup’s play to the next level, you can’t resist. Imagine the best of headwear and a pup tail all rolled into one. Use your preferred headpiece to limit communication and keep your pup under control. While you’re at it, make sure your restriction isn’t for the entire day—this could cause more harm than good.

Allow your pup to wag their tail and do what they want. That is their distinct identity, and it is through this that they have fun. There are different types of pup tails—insertable, strap tails, etc.

Grab this opportunity now!