5 Benefits Of An Eyelash Extension?


Eyelash extensions are an increasingly popular option for achieving your desired look. If you want to feel like a million dollars on any given day, but without the effort required to achieve this (think waking up early or putting on make-up), then lash extensions may be for you! That said, knowing what they are and how they work is key before committing to anything. Here are five benefits of an eyelash extension that may help with your decision-making process:

1) Irresistible Brows

Have you ever looked at another woman’s brows and envisioned them as more attractive? Did you wish that maybe there was something you could do about it? Ever considered microblading? Well, the truth is, if your answer is yes, then lash extensions are the answer to your prayers. If you have sparse, over-plucked, or unruly brows, eyelash extensions can be used to enhance them in just one hour!

2) Instant Definition

Do you struggle with big foreheads? Well, if so, lash extensions can help solve that problem too. Creating the illusion of smaller foreheads is something that many people don’t realize they need until they start looking for it. Lashes can be strategically placed around the eyes and even on top of your actual brows to create this desired effect (see #1). Lash extensions are wonderful at creating an enhanced cat-eye look or any number of other glamorous shapes. You’ll never go back once you’ve tried them.

3) An Even Set of Lashes

Ever wake up in the morning and realize that one or more of your lashes fell out overnight? You can use lash extensions to create fullness where you need it. They aren’t permanent, so if you want to go back to achieving an even look on your own, then you are free to do so! Lash extensions are great for making sparse lashes appear lush with just a few hours of application. Not all salons offer this service, however, so be sure to research accordingly before booking your visit.

4) Dramatic Look without Fake Lashes!

If you’re not looking for fake lashes (or don’t like the feel of them), lash extensions instead! As mentioned earlier, lash extensions can be used to create a cropped eyebrow or a cat-eye look. You can also use them to highlight the eyes by adding length and volume to the lash line. They can even play around with color (red, blue, purple) without having to deal with the hassle of applying individual lashes over and over again.

5) Protection from Dust and Dirt

Who doesn’t love waking up without having their face covered in dust and dirt? Although we all try our best to keep this at bay, it’s impossible not to let some dust through here and there (even when you’re meticulously thorough). Lash extensions shield your eyelashes and prevent excess debris from getting near them.