3 Tips On How To Improve Your Spelling


It’s no secret that spelling is not the easiest thing to do. If you’re struggling with spelling or even just want some tips on how to improve your spelling, this article is for you! Here are three easy ways to help improve your spelling:

Use a dictionary

Using a dictionary is an incredible way to improve spelling. There are many free online dictionaries that you can access through your phone, computer, or tablet! Use the word for a few minutes and then go back and read it again. You’ll likely catch spelling mistakes that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Take notes of new words.

Another great way to remember spelling is by taking note of any new words (or phrases) you run into while reading or listening. Keep track of these on your phone, on paper, or even keep them saved as notes on an app, so they won’t get lost over time! Then when it comes time to look up those hard-to-spell words later on, simply go back and review what the correct spelling was.

Practice spelling words five times in a row

A final and great spelling help tip is to take a spelling list of the words you want/need to learn and write them five times in a row. This will drill spelling into your brain (which helps for long-term retention) and build muscle memory. By writing these words multiple times, they’ll begin to become more natural over time!

To conclude, spelling can be hard to do, but spelling help is just a click away. There are many spelling resources out there that will aid you so take advantage of them!