3 Tips For Tasting Vessel


There’s something about the taste of wine that just makes it so luxurious. Maybe it’s the history behind it, or maybe it’s the way that wine can transform an ordinary meal into a special occasion. Whatever the reason, wine is definitely a drink that deserves our respect. And one of the best ways to show that respect is by using a tasting vessel. This article will discuss three tips for tasting wine like a pro!

1. Choose the Right Vessel for Tasting: When tasting wine, it’s important to choose the right vessel. Generally speaking, you should use a narrower-than-average glass that will help concentrate aromas and flavors from the wine so that you can better appreciate them. Try different shapes and sizes of glasses until you find one that works best for you.

2. Start with the Visual: Before you even take a sip, look at the color of the wine and note any sediment or clarity. Then swirl the glass to observe the “legs” it leaves on the sides, which can tell you about its body and texture. Lastly, take a deep sniff of the wine and note any aromas you detect.

3. Take a Sip: Finally, it’s time to take a sip of the wine. Take small sips, swishing it around in your mouth before swallowing or spitting out. Note any flavors you detect and how they change over time as the wine lingers on your palate.

Wine tasting is a fun and rewarding way to learn about the complexities of different types of wines. By taking your time, paying attention to details, and practicing often, you’ll be able to develop an expert-level palette in no time. Cheers!