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3 Tips For Finding A Good Qualified Nutrition Coach


Finding a nutrition coach is more complicated than it sounds. As nutrition coaching has become increasingly popular, the number of nutrition coaches on sites like Google and Facebook has increased dramatically. Given this information, how do you know which nutrition coach to hire? Luckily, three tips can help you find a qualified nutrition coach for your needs!

The first tip is to make sure that nutrition coaching is the right solution for you. There are many reasons to hire a nutrition coach, but only one of these may apply to your lifestyle and health goals. Some common areas nutrition coaches help with include weight loss, digestive disorders, diabetes management, or general wellness support. It’s important to know where you’re coming from and where you want to go before diving into nutrition coaching.

The second tip is that nutrition coaches should be able to prove their qualifications and credentials. The best nutrition coaches are certified through the Certification Board for Nutrition Coaches (CBN) or the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). These organizations both have rigorous application processes, so nutritionists who are members of one or both of these organizations have their education, experience, and professional practice confirmed.

The third tip is that nutrition coaching should be more than just a weight-loss tool. While many people turn to nutrition coaches to help them lose weight, they must understand the difference between healthy eating habits and disordered eating. Nutritionists who are nutrition coaches should help their clients eat well for general health and wellness, not just weight loss.

In conclusion, nutrition coaching is a great tool for helping people eat better, become healthier, and lose weight!