3 Tips For An Effective Employee Assistance Program


Employee Assitance Program (EAP) is a vital part of the Employee Health and Safety Act. The purpose of this law is to provide employees with resources that can help them in their time of need, whether they are dealing with a personal health issue or family emergency. All employers should have some sort of Employee Assistance Program available for their employees to take advantage of when they feel like it’s too much to handle on their own.

– Employee Assitance Programs offer access to professionals who can assist the employee through difficult times by listening without judgment.

– Employee Assistance Programs are more than just therapy services; there are many other support systems available such as financial management, legal counsel, counseling, etc.

– Employee Assitance Programs should be easy to access, with an Employee Assistance hotline that can link employees directly to professionals who can help.

Employee Assistance Programs provide a way for employees to get the help that they need. They are designed with an employee’s best interest in mind and give them multiple ways of receiving support when they feel like it is too much to handle on their own.