3 Things You Should Know About Jet Ski Impeller


The jet ski impeller is the device that helps to push water out of the jet ski’s jet pump. It is an important part of jet skis, not only because it makes sure water doesn’t get caught in the jet pump but also because it directly impacts how fast your jet ski can go. This article will discuss three things you should know about impellers to understand them better and purchase one for your jet ski.

1) Jet Ski Impeller Types

There are two types of impellers: Fixed Pitch and Variable Pitch. A fixed-pitch propeller has blades that are angled at a constant angle (generally 15 degrees). They’re best suited for use on jet skis that have a jet pump with more than 150 hp. A variable pitch can change its pitch to provide maximum thrust in any given situation.

2) What is the Cost of Jet Ski Impellers?

A new impeller should cost between $100 and $300, depending on the type you buy.

3) How to Buy a Jet Ski Impeller

To buy jet them, visit an online jet ski parts supplier. You can also take your jet ski into the dealership that it came from. They should be able to give you any necessary replacement parts (although this will likely result in much higher prices).

Contact a professional to find out more and which one will be the best choice for your jet ski.