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3 Steps To Getting Rid Of A Raccoon In Your Attic


Raccoons are intelligent animals who have learned to adapt their behaviors to survive. They will enter attics through vents, chimneys, or other small openings that they can fit into. Once inside, raccoons are known for causing many issues with insulation and ventilation systems which leads to serious health problems for homeowners. Luckily it’s not too difficult to get rid of raccoons once your know-how! Here are three steps that will help you get rid of raccoon in attic:

The first step is installing raccoon-proof vents and filling in any gaps or holes that raccoons can use to get inside your home.

The second step is to completely seal off the area where raccoons have taken shelter so they will no longer access it until repairs are made on the roof, walls, etc. If you see droppings, raccoon urine, or nesting material, you likely have raccoons living in your attic.

Finally, it is essential to check for raccoons twice a day to not get back into the space once repairs are made. It’s also an excellent idea to set up live traps near where raccoon activity has been seen so you can catch raccoons and relocate them to a remote area far away from your home.

Raccoons are very clever animals, but you can remove raccoons if you follow these three steps!