3-Step Guide: How To Know If Your Septic Tank Is Full


If you own a septic tank, it’s important to know when it is full. If your septic tank fills up too quickly, you could end up getting sewage in your yard or even worse. This article will give you three simple steps that can help determine if your septic tank has reached the point where it needs to be emptied more often.

1) Check for excessive seepage from the ground around the septic system – Does water come out of the ground wherever there is a crack in the soil? If so, then there may be a leaky pipe inside, and you should call a professional to take care of it immediately.

2) Is there an unusually strong odor coming from anywhere on your property? This could be a sign that the septic tank is leaking and needs to be emptied immediately. Another indicator of this problem would be if you have noticed any dead vegetation around your septic system where water seems to pool up every once in a while.

3) Do you suspect that your septic tank is full? One way to find out whether or not this is the case would be to try and flush a toilet after having switched off all of your home’s water. If the septic system isn’t working correctly, it won’t fill up with clean water as usual – instead, it will simply drain right away.

If you are sure that your septic tank needs to be emptied, then the next step is to contact a septic pumping company for more information on this procedure.