3 Simple Steps To Make Your Own Pressed Flowers


Pressed flowers are a beautiful craft that can be done by anyone with interest. Anyone who is interested in pressed flower crafts should take the following three steps:

The first step is to get pressed flowers. These can be pressed by an individual or bought from a store that sells pressed flower arrangements.

The second step is to get some wax paper and set up your workspace. Some materials you may need include: a rolling pin, pressed flowers, and wax paper. First, roll the pressed flowers in between two pieces of wax paper to flatten them out as much as possible.

The third step of the process is to place each flower between two pieces of wax paper and put it in a book. This will flatten the pressed flower and also help to preserve it. A heavy book should be placed on top of the wax paper stack for several days in order for this process to work properly.

In conclusion, pressed flower craft is a fun and easy activity for people of all ages. It helps to preserve pressed flowers so that they can be enjoyed throughout the year!