3 Reasons Why You Should Use The Hero’s Journey To Write Your Stories


Whether you’re a writer or not, it’s important to understand the basics of story structure. This is because all stories follow a certain pattern, and understanding this pattern can help you write better stories, regardless of genre.

Using the Hero’s Journey pattern in your stories can be incredibly beneficial for writers because:

1. It provides structure: The Hero’s Journey gives writers a template of sorts, offering an easy-to-follow road map for their stories. This can be especially helpful for newer writers who are still mastering the craft of storytelling and finding their writing style.

2. It adds depth to characters: By following the Hero’s Journey framework, you can create characters that have a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in your story. The protagonist isn’t just an aimless wanderer, but instead is actively seeking something or running away from something.

3. It helps readers identify with the protagonist: By using the Hero’s Journey structure, you can create a story where your reader feels a stronger connection to the protagonist and their struggles. This makes the story more engaging and emotionally resonant for readers, as they can identify with the character’s journey.

The Hero’s Journey is a powerful tool for crafting compelling stories that engage readers. It helps to create characters with purpose and meaning and encourages readers to connect to the protagonist’s struggles. When used effectively, this story structure can help take your narrative to the next level. arken ep5.