3 Reasons To Use OSHA Videos For Training


There are many reasons to use OSHA videos for training:

First of all, OSHA videos are an excellent way to train employees quickly and effectively. The average person retains only about 20% of what they hear in a lecture-based training session. However, when presented visually, that number jumps to 70%. This means that using these videos for training can help employees learn and retain information more effectively.

Second, they can be used to supplement other training materials. For example, if you are using a PowerPoint presentation to train employees on a new safety procedure, you can include a video as part of the presentation. This will help reinforce the critical points you are trying to communicate.

Finally, they can introduce employees to new safety procedures or concepts. For example, if you introduce a new hazard into the workplace, you can use a video to show employees what the hazard looks like and how to protect themselves from it.

In conclusion, OSHA videos provide an effective way to train employees on safety procedures and concepts. They are easy to use and can be incorporated into other training materials. If you are looking to improve your safety training, consider using these videos.