3 Reasons To Buy Planifolia Vanilla Beans


Planifolia vanilla beans are the second most expensive type of vanilla beans globally and for a good reason. They come from Madagascar and provide a strong flavor that is perfect for high-end baking. Planifolia vanilla beans can be used to make ice cream, custard, whipped cream, cakes, cookies, and all sorts of other desserts! This article will discuss three reasons why planifolia vanilla beans might be worth buying: their rich flavor, their luxurious appearance, and how it can help you sleep better at night.

Rich Taste

This bean has a richer taste than other types of vanillas because it contains more natural acids. This flavor is perfect for chocolate or caramel desserts.

Luxurious Appearance

This bean has a luxurious appearance with its long, dark brown coat and tiny black specs throughout. This makes it look like an expensive delicacy that will add to your dish’s classiness! It can be used in place of other types of beans if you want to make your dishes more special since they are the most sought-after kind of all.

Better Sleep

You may have heard that some foods before bedtime can affect people’s ability to fall asleep (or stay awake). However, this bean actually has the opposite effect. It is known to help promote sleep and calm people’s nerves, which can be very beneficial for those who suffer from insomnia or other sleeping disorders (it may also be helpful in cases where you want an afternoon nap).

To conclude, planifolia vanilla beans are an excellent choice for your cooking needs.