3 Reasons Every Marketer Needs A Storykeeper


There are many different roles in marketing, and each one is important. However, there is one role that is often overlooked: the storykeeper. Storykeepers are responsible for collecting and organizing the story of a company, product, or service. They help keep track of the brand’s history, values, and goals. Here are three reasons every marketer needs a storykeeper!

First, thet help to keep the story of a brand consistent. They make sure that all of the different marketing materials (including website content, social media posts, and ads) tell the same story. This is important because it helps create a cohesive brand identity that customers can recognize and trust.

Second, they help marketers understand the customer’s story. They are responsible for collecting customer feedback and then synthesizing it into insights that can be used to improve the brand’s story. This is important because it helps marketers create messages that resonate with customers and drives sales.

Third, they help to keep the story of a brand relevant. They track trends and changes in the market and then work with the marketing team to ensure that the story is being told in a relevant way to the current market. This is important because it helps brands stay ahead of the competition and maintain their customer base.

Storykeepers are an essential part of any marketing team. They help create a cohesive brand identity, understand the customer story, and keep the story relevant. If you’re not using one, you’re missing out on a powerful tool that can help improve your marketing efforts.