3 Facts About Paper Honeycomb Packaging


Paper honeycomb packaging is a paper product that has been engineered to be lightweight, strong, and recyclable. The paper honeycomb can be used for corrugated boxes, paperboard containers, tissue paper wrapping paper, or other paper products. This article will cover three facts about paper honeycomb packaging:

1) Paper honeycombs are made from recycled paper, which saves energy during the manufacturing process. The process consists of paper being layered together. These paper layers are then pressed to create a paper honeycomb shape that is lightweight and strong, and recyclable.

2) Paper honeycomb provides superior protection for products compared to foam boards or paperboard. It can provide cushioning, protection from impact and compression, and the option to be printed on all six sides for additional branding opportunities.

3) Many types of paper honeycombs are available today that vary in paperweight, cell size, and density.

Paper honeycomb packaging is an excellent choice for companies looking to protect their products and brand. Paper honeycombs can be made from paper, recycled paperboard, or different weights of paper depending on the need and application of each company.